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July 20, 2017

One hundred years from now, hospitals will be nearly unrecognizable as care moves to the outpatient setting and organizations integrate artificial intelligence, telemedicine and other IT applications to care for patients outside the walls of their institution.

Forty-five healthcare executives, including INSIGHTEC'S CEO Maurice Ferre, MD and five from hospital C-suites, describe the key trends disrupting the traditional hospital and how institutions can prepare for the future. Regardless of perspective, the key trends arising in their responses time and again include:

• Reserving hospitals for truly acute care patients
• Monitoring patients at home with telemedicine applications
• Retail clinics and the rise of consumerism
• Designing the process for enhanced patient experience
• Collaboration between all stakeholders to improve health


Maurice Ferre, MD. CEO and Chairman of Insightec (Tirat Carmel, Israel): "Imagine for a moment that a physician can see inside a patient's body and treat a medical condition without making an incision, and that the patient returns home the same day with no side effects, stitches or long recovery time. The technology exists today to allow surgeons to see in the body and treat a condition while leaving the patient whole. Focused ultrasound waves, guided by MRI, can safely pass through tissue and bone. This is the new scalpel.


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