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May 26, 2016

MR-guided-Focused-Ultrasound technology (MRgFUS) is a relatively new medical industry term  and acronym that stands for our combined MRI and Focused Ultrasound technology. Throughout the years, it resonated well with physicians and hospital administrators but now, as the treatment is becoming more mainstream, we wanted to asses if this is also true for patients. To gauge patient reactions we conducted several focus groups in Florida with women between the ages of 35-55 who have uterine fibroids and asked them to comment on the MRgFUS name.


The overall feedback we received from women revealed that naming the procedure after the technology was somewhat confusing, intimidating and even lacking differentiation from other similar technologies and providers. In light of these insights to patient perception, INSIGHTEC decided to embark on a search for a name for the procedure itself, a unique name that will better reflect our promise for good health.




We wanted the new name to serve as the primary identification element for the procedure. We wanted it to serve as a “memory tag” for recall of desired attributes and benefits of the procedure, communicating its value and optimal use. We also looked for names that would work well with INSIGHTEC’s other brand elements.


For this type of creative work we needed creative minds on board and recruited Manifesto advertising agency for the project. The starting point was outlining the considerations for qualifying potential names:

-Associations: distinctive, memorable, evokes appropriate mental / graphic images, relatively short, easy to pronounce and spell.

-Medical field considerations: not used by a competitor in the industry or a similar industry, available URL and cross cultural appropriation.




Manifesto Team maintained a structured thinking process structured and looked at:

-Suggestive and fanciful name types

-Roots and languages with relevant meaning and structure

-Sounds that felt promising for creating unique, original names

-Terms related to the treatment

-Life-affirming words or concepts




Overall, more than 400 names were raised during our work process. More than 70 went through the full screening process. After a thorough screening process we ended up choosing 


Curawave is inspired by the combination of Cure and Wave. It is suggestive of a procedure that involves healing / curing and alludes to the use of ultrasound waves. The logo is visually in line with both our Exablate and INSIGHTEC logos. 




INSIGHTEC’s MRgFUS technology is making progress in becoming a mainstream standard of care. Naming the technology Curawave is another step in the commercialization process of the technology. Our next step is educating all stakeholders, physicians and patients alike, until Curawave becomes a synonym to “MRgFUS” “in patients language” and a well-remembered and sought out procedure. 

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