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Pamela Schwartz | March 13, 2017
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The month of March is here and INSIGHTEC would like to honor National Essential Tremor Awareness Month.


While an estimated 42 million people worldwide have essential tremor (ET), many people still do not have a clear understanding of the condition. A recent article, Public Knowledge and Attitude toward Essential Tremor: A Questionnaire Survey, published in Frontiers in Neurology, by Shalaby S. et al, found that only 10–15% of 250 enrollees had ever heard of or read about ET. Results showed that not only do people lack knowledge of the disease, misconceptions were common. For example, among participants who had heard of ET, 2/3 attributed it to causes such as possible trauma or alcohol abuse.


At INSIGHTEC, we are focusing efforts on increasing awareness and educating patients (and their caregivers) of the treatment options available to them. As part of these efforts, we have embarked on two projects:


  • First, we are announcing a new brand – Neuravive – for MR-guided focused ultrasound procedures in neurosurgery, starting with the treatment for essential tremor.
  • Second, INSIGHTEC is proud to announce a new patient website to raise awareness about essential tremor and MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment.


How is a brand name born?


For a medical technology company, a procedure name needs to communicate uniqueness. At INSIGHTEC, we felt that in order to build awareness for the focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor, the treatment name had to be memorable for patients and their families.



Neura suggests a neuro procedure and

vive alludes to the quality of life that the procedure offers patients


Have you ever thought what goes into a name? Think for a moment about how we deliberate over naming our children. It surely is important enough that we discuss endless options, even try saying them out loud to hear how it sounds. A name is for a lifetime and a brand name becomes an inseparable part of a company’s identity.


INSIGHTEC recruited Manifesto Agency to lead the process of creating a name for the procedure. With their collaboration, we outlined several key requirements:

  • Appropriate for the medical industry
  • Distinctive
  • Memorable
  • Cross-culturally appropriate
  • Life-affirming


More than 200 names were identified, more than 30 went through the full screening process and Neuravive was selected by sales, commercial and product team members.


Of course, there are also technical aspects that were required - that the name is not already trademarked, that it is not used by a competitor , that the URL is available, and that the name works together with the entire corporate brand.


Online patient resources


The Internet gives patients, and their family and friends, unprecedented access to healthcare information, which can be quite overwhelming. The website was designed to be an educational resource for patients and includes basic information about the disease, the most common treatment options available and an explanation of the treatment option being performed with MR-guided focused ultrasound.


Information is power. We hope we can help to empower patients and their families to be informed of the treatment options available to them, giving them a voice in their healthcare journey. Please join us in showing support for ET Awareness Month. Please see the resources available from our partners: IETF, HopeNet and Focused Ultrasound Foundation. For more information, contact us through our new patient website:

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