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June 21, 2016

The 12th ICHO Congress took place earlier this year in New Orleans and was attended by 250 clinicians, physicists, engineering researchers and students. The main focus of the Congress was Hyperthermia (HT) and its use as an adjuvant treatment to Radiotherapy, whether combined with Chemotherapy or not. INSIGHTEC attended the event and below are key takeaways.  


The main discussion was focused on ways to improve the therapeutic effect of both chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer while reducing toxicity. One of the ways presented was thermal ablation, which is very much connected to our world, here at INSIGHTEC. Thermal ablation, using radiofrequency (RF), Cryo, high intensity ultrasound, etc., was presented as a valid and safe treatment option.


Another interesting topic that emerged at the conference was the untapped potential of harnessing immunotherapy for thermal medicine.  Generally speaking, the challenge is that the basic mechanisms of action are not fully understood.


INSIGHTEC will continue to follow interesting developments in this area and specifically the role MRgFUS plays in the advancement of thermal ablation as a treatment option for cancer.

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