Maurice R. Ferré, MD

CEO and Chairman of Board

Maurice R. Ferré MD is INSIGHTEC’S CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Ferré brings over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry.

Before INSIGHTEC, Dr. Ferré served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of MAKO Surgical Corp, a transformational robotic surgical company that he co-founded in 2004. The company was IPO’d in 2008 and recently sold to Stryker Corp. for $1.65 billion in 2013. Prior to MAKO, Dr. Ferré was Founder, CEO and President of Visualization Technology Inc. (1993-2002). VTI became the world leader in image guided surgery for ENT, cranial and orthopedic procedures. The Company was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2002.

Dr. Ferré received his Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health from Boston University in 1992. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Ernest & Young 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Dr Ferre is currently active on the following boards: Advamed, The Everglades Foundation and Boston University.

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Kobi Vortman‚ PhD

Founder and Vice Chairman of the Board

Jacob “Kobi” Vortman is INSIGHTEC’s Vice Chairman of the Board. Kobi founded the company in 1999 and under his leadership, INSIGHTEC has been developing and marketing its Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) technology.

Prior to founding INSIGHTEC, Kobi served as President of Elbit Medical Imaging where he was responsible for the development of the proprietary MRgFUS technology that was passed to INSIGHTEC when it was established as a joint effort with Elbit Medical Imaging and GE Healthcare (formerly GE Medical Systems). GE Healthcare remains a major shareholder of the company until today. Previously Kobi served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Diasonics Vingmed Ultrasound and as General Manager at ElscinTEC. Twenty years prior, he worked with RAFAEL, holding many positions, including marketing, business development, operations and engineering roles.

Kobi Vortman received his PhD in Electro Optics and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. He also received a BSc in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Eyal Zadicario‚ PhD

Chief Operating Officer and General Manager

Eyal manages all activities in Israel and is a member of the executive management team.  Eyal has been involved in research and development of multidisciplinary technology projects for more than 25 years. Eyal joined INSIGHTEC in 1999 and has held various positions in the R&D team, including software development, project leadership and product management positions. In 2001, Eyal was appointed to be INSIGHTEC’s Neuro Program Manager. In 2011, he was appointed VP of R&D, leading the company’s technology and innovation.

Eyal holds a PhD in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University’s School of Mathematics and a BsC in Aeronautical Engineering (Cum Laude) from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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Nadir Alikacem, PHD

VP of Global Regulatory Affairs and CRO

Nadir Alikacem is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs and CRO. He is responsible for regulatory strategy, clinical research planning, research protocol coordination, working with all relevant regulatory bodies and managing the CRO activities.

Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Nadir was an Assistant Professor at UT southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Previously, he was a Scientist at Saint Francois’ D’Assise Hospital in Quebec-City, Canada.

Nadir Alikacem received his Postdoctoral fellowship in Physics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Massachusetts. He received a PhD & MSc in Physics from the University of Sussex, England.

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Arjun (JJ) Desai, MD

Chief Strategic Innovation Officer

Arjun (JJ) Desai, MD leads the strategy for future platforms, luminary ecosystem development, clinical and economic data analytics and modeling, and Medical Advisory Board operational support at INSIGHTEC.  

Dr. Desai comes to INSIGHTEC from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, where he held the position of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer responsible for delivering on the goals and objectives across the global JLABS organization and the Center for Device Innovation.

Dr. Desai completed his advanced medical training at Stanford University where he sits on both clinical and Biodesign faculty. He holds an MD from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and a B.S. in Economics from The University of Oklahoma.

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Jack Campo

Chief Legal & Business Development Officer

Jack Campo leads governance, legal and compliance matters, corporate transactions and corporate policy at INSIGHTEC. 

Jack brings broad experience as a lawyer and business executive from Smith & Nephew plc, where he served as Chief Legal Officer, and from General Electric, where he served in a variety of roles. He began his career as a corporate lawyer with Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Jack holds a JD from Georgetown University Law Center and a degree in Government from Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

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Jun (Jim) Tao

Chief Commercial Officer

Jun (Jim) Tao is INSIGHTEC’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Jun was VP of Strategy and Business Development at Constellium where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions and additional business development activities.  Prior to Constellium, he was a Managing Director of CITIC Capital Holdings, a leading private equity firm where he had various managerial roles for the firm’s portfolio of companies.  Before CITIC Capital, Jim founded the China operations for American Securities LLC, a NYC-based private equity. Prior to that, Jim served in various management and operations roles with the General Electric Company.  

Jun holds a B.S. from Shanghai Jiaotong University, an MSc in Material Engineering from University of Michigan, and an MBA from Marquette University.

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Roni Karie

VP and CFO

Roni Karie is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for managing the financial operations and reports of the company and its investor relations activities.

Before joining INSIGHTEC in September 2011, Roni served as CFO at Diagnostic Technologies, a subsidiary of Teuza (Public company), and as a Finance Manager in NetManage where he was responsible for all the financial activities of the group in Israel and in Europe. In the past Mr. Karie served as the controller of the Elbit group.

Roni holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Haifa University and a CPA diploma.

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Baruch Avruch

VP of Operations and Quality

Baruch Avruch is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Operations and Quality. He is responsible for INSIGHTEC’s operationsl activities, including supply chain management, production, installation, service and logistics of shipping, import and export. He is also in charge of the company’s quality assurance systems and processes for both R&D and operations departments.

Before this position, Baruch served as INSIGHTEC’s Hardware R&D Director, managing the company’s technical research and development, leading projects and technical teams in the fields of mechanics, physics, electronics and embedded firmware. Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Baruch spent 20 years in the Missile Division at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., held several positions in Hardware and Software design, System Engineering and in his last position he was the project manager of a multi discipline large-scale system. During his tenure in Rafael he won the Eliyahu Golomb Israel Defense Award.

Baruch Avruch holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

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Moni Carmeli


Moni Carmel is INSIGHTEC’S VP R&D.  He is responsible for research and development of INSIGHTEC’s future and existing product line. 

Moni served in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in charge of advanced flight and weapon system computers and graduated cum laude with a BSc. degree from the Technion Faculty of Computer Engineering in Haifa.

At the beginning of his career,  Moni worked at Elbit Systems in a number of managerial positions including product development and aircraft upgrade systems.  He then joined CMT Medical Technologies as VP R&D in the digital X-ray field. Then, Moni held the position of VP R&D in the motion control field at ACS Motion Control. Before joining INSIGHTEC, he was Systems Development Director in the vital signs and independent body navigation fields at Elcam Medical.

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Shirel Aroshase

VP Human Resources, HR

Shirel Aroshase is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Human Resources. She oversees talent management, compensation & benefits, well-being and the development and growth of INSIGHTEC’s organizational culture.
Before joining INSIGHTEC, Shirel held several senior positions in global companies including PMC, Intel, Texas Instruments and LSI. At PMC, she served as the Israel Site Leader, Director of International HR and Corporate leadership and learning strategy.
In her free time, Shirel serves as a board member of two nonprofit organizations NATAL and Tzav Pius.
Shirel Aroshase holds a BSc in Education from Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, Tel Aviv; and a Master’s degree in Management, Leadership and Education Strategy from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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Xen Mendelsohn Aderka

VP of Marketing

Xen Mendelsohn Aderka is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Marketing. She is responsible for managing all aspects of the company's marketing strategy, programs and execution.

Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Xen was at Humedica where she led the go to market strategy of a healthcare big data provider. Before that, Xen was with Comverse, managing marketing activities for Comverse’s mobile advertising division, including the division’s marketing strategy, product marketing and digital presence. In her previous positions, Xen gained broad experience in launching new products and services into global markets, generating awareness and conquering significant market share.

Xen Mendelsohn Aderka holds a BA in Journalism and Communications from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Richard Schallhorn

VP of Neurosurgery

Rick Schallhorn is INSIGHTEC’S Vice President Neurosurgery. He focuses on developing the market for INSIGHEC’s Neurosurgery product offering.

Prior to INSIGHTEC, he managed marketing, sales, R&D and manufacturing for CoAxia - a start-up neurointerventional venture in ischemic stroke. Prior to that Rick managed the worldwide marketing and product planning for Medtronic’s Deep Brain Stimulation business from its US launch for Parkinson's Disease through worldwide growth to over $100M in revenue. He also held management positions in neurostimulation product planning, cardiac rhythm device R&D and clinical and regulatory affairs at Medtronic.

Rick received a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Marquette University and an MS in Biomedical Engineering / Physiology from the University of Miami. He holds more than 10 patents and several peer-reviewed publications.

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Roni Yagel‚ PhD

VP of International Markets

Roni Yagel is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of International Markets. He is responsible for managing all business aspects of the company's activities in global international markets including Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Before joining INSIGHTEC, Roni was the R&D Manager for Silicon Graphics. Prior to that he held various academic positions including Associate Professor for Computer Science at The Ohio State University, visiting scientist at the NASA Lewis Research Center, and a researcher at State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook. He also served in various positions in academic organizations.

Roni Yagel holds a PhD in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also holds an MSc in Computer Science and BSc Cum Laude in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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Ramya Singh

VP Americas

Ramya Singh is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of the Americas. She is responsible for driving the presence and adoption of INSIGHTEC’s technology portfolio in North & South America.

Before joining INSIGHTEC, Ramya was at GE Healthcare where she most recently served as Director of Customer Development and led the Strategic Customer Solutions team for GE Healthcare Systems. Her team’s work with providers and patients on breast cancer helped reduce cycle times while improving patient outcomes at multiple healthcare organizations. Prior to GE, Ramya held various leadership roles in business analytics, engineering and product management at Cisco Systems.

Ramya Singh holds an MsC in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

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Dee Kolanek

VP of Reimbursement

Dee Kolanek is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Reimbursement. She is responsible for the development and implementation of reimbursement strategies to establish coverage and reimbursement for INSIGHTEC’s therapy platform and each of its indications.

Before joining INSIGHTEC, Dee worked more than 12 years in the Medical Device industry, specializing in reimbursement adoption by payors.

Dee earned an AAS in Business Management from Northern Oklahoma College.

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Yoav Levy, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Yoav will lead INSIGHTEC’s research and scientific challenges in product development, build the company’s innovation roadmap and future research.  Before joining INSIGHTEC, Yoav worked more than 10 years in the Telecom industry, specializing in server side algorithms and distributed architectures.  Yoav Levy holds a PhD in Biomedical engineering and MSc in Physics, all from the Technion Institute of technology in Haifa, Israel.


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Yerucham Shapira‚ PhD

VP of Academic Research

Yerucham Shapira is INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Academic Research. He is responsible for the liaisons with researchers and institutions in the academic world, for promoting and guiding ExAblate MRgFUS scientific research, and for managing INSIGHTEC’s research support.

Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Yerucham was a general manager, R&D manager and algorithms team leader at Imetrix. Before that he was at MALAM doing engineer project work.

Yerucham Shapira holds an MSc in Physics from the Tel Aviv University, and PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Yerucham was a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Montreal and Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

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Doris Schechter, MD

Medical Director, Clinical Safety Officer

Doris Schechter, MD, is the Medical Director and the Clinical Safety Officer.

She is responsible for defining guidelines for the various treatment indications, examining and evaluating the R&D results, designing study protocols, supporting clinical marketing and company’s efforts to receive reimbursement and responsible for clinical risk management.

Prior to joining INSIGHTEC, Doris served as the Medical Director of various medical device companies and as the Medial Director of Migdal, a private insurance company where she saved millions of dollars by streamlining processes. Prior to that Doris practiced as a General Surgery in Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.   

Doris holds an MD and a B.A. is Psychology and Philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University.

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Shuki Vitek, PhD

VP Innovation & Technology

Shuki INSIGHTEC’s Vice President of Innovation & Technology and is responsible to the clinical aspects of new applications as well as enhancing the clinical value of applications that are already in the field.

Before joining INSIGHTEC, Shuki worked more than 20 years in the Aerospace industry, specializing in guidance and navigation.

Shuki Vitek holds a PhD in Mathematics, and a BSc in Mathematics and in Electrical Engineering, all from the Technion Institute of technology in Haifa, Israel.

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