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INSIGHTEC is your partner for MR-guided focused ultrasound. We understand that having our state-of-the-art Exablate platform is only the starting point. As your partner for success, we offer clinical and commercial support, maintenance services, marketing support as well as access to our cumulative knowledge and experience from working with leading experts around the world. INSIGHTEC builds long-term relationships with every clinical site to ensure success by providing training programs, clinical support, service and commercial development support.




We have a dedicated team of specialists, per application whose main objective is to provide you with the clinical support and training in order to achieve clinical proficiency. As part of our commitment to you, we will assign a clinical specialist who will personally supervise and guide you through your treatments, using the INSIGHTEC Exablate MRgFUS platform. The team will accompany you until your site is fully operational and certified, and will provide further clinical assistance on an ongoing basis, or as needed.


We understand that clinical success is a must, but at the same time, it has to go hand-in-hand with commercial success. Our commercial development team will work closely with you to provide insights and guidance around all of the following commercial aspects:

-          Building the necessary technical and clinical infrastructure

-          Getting the organization aligned and everyone on board with the INSIGHTEC platform implementation

-          Best practices for marketing the treatment, generating patient awareness and referrals

-          Dealing with reimbursement issues and deciding on the best business models to go with the treatment


We understand the importance of a smooth and safe operation of our system. Our service engineers will be on-site, periodically, to maintain and service the INSIGHTEC system. They are fully trained and are there to make sure the system performs exactly as it should.


Feel free to contact our customer support team with any issues you may have. Whether you are looking for technical support, replenishing your consumables inventory, consultation concerning clinical issues, logistics, shipping arrangements, etc. - our team is here to help you, our customer.

Professional Services


The periodic maintenance plan is highly important for managing a treatment center, smoothly and effectively. It is performed periodically in order to keep the system operational. The periodic maintenance includes analyzing the system's recordings in order to inspect the system's condition and to ensure it’s fully operational.


Under the Parts Warranty, we will replace any failing parts and we guarantee immediate response and shorter handling time from problem to resolution. Most importantly, this plan offers savings when compared to replacing parts without having the parts warranty.


The Onsite Support plan ensures that you experience minimum workflow interruptions. You will receive on-site support from our experienced field engineers.


Under this plan, you will get remote technical support. If needed, we will connect to your system, so our online support experts can remotely access full logs of system parameters & clinical images. We will offer a first diagnosis and a corrective plan within 24 hours. Support is provided in multiple languages.


Under the software updates plan you will receive all software updates without any additional charges. This plan offers savings when compared to purchasing software updates without the plan. 


Under this plan we will share with you some best practices leading to efficacious treatment outcomes. We will also conduct additional on-site visits, and provide advanced training to your team, based on the accumulated clinical experience gathered from treatments centers from all around the world.


Under this plan you will take advantage of commercial development team of advisors. Your advisor will be closely working with you, ensuring your success. We will conduct economic ROI & patient pathway analysis for your medical facility. We will also run a site diagnosis and prepare a business and marketing plan. Lastly, we will share best practices and know-how based on the accumulated experience gathered from treatments center from all around the world.

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