Amper Klinikum, Dachau, Germany

The Amper Klinikum is a private clinic which launched MRgFUS in 2008. The clinic offers treatment of uterine fibroids and Adenomyosis. From their experience more and more gynecologists are referring patients to their clinic, simply because they offer women many more options. Additionally, the clinic reports that every women's first choice would always be to receive an MRgFUS treatment. For more information:,


MRgFUS is one of the most highly innovative medical features to be developed in the past few years and the clinic feels honored to be a pioneer of this technology.


The Amper Klinikum has performed 1230 MRgFUS Treatments since 2009. In 2009, 88 treatments were performed. The numbers increased to 183 in 2010, establishing a 107% increase in 1 year. From 2011-2014, ~221 treatments were performed per year. The number of UAE treatments jumped from, 0 in 2009 | 64 in 2010 | 112 in 2011 | 158 in 2012 | 182 in 2013


January 2010 - the Techniker Krankenkasse and AOK Bavaria decided to reimburse the cost of the treatment and then in 2014 - Barmer GEK decided to reimburse the cost of uterine fibroid treatments with MRgFUS. In February 2014, the Amper Klinikum performed their 1000th MRgFUS treatment.

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