ExAblate Neuro: Focused Ultrasound Transcranial Neurosurgery

ExAblate® Neuro combines high intensity Focused Ultrasound with continuous Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to provide a non invasive neurosurgery platform for treating neurological disorders without ionizing radiation through an intact skull.



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  • InSightec has CE mark for targets in the thalamus, sub thalamus and pallidum regions of the brain. Intended use for neurological disroders (essential tremor, tremor-dominant idiopathic parkinson's- unilateral and neuropathic pain).
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  • Learn about ongoing clinical trials for movement disorders
  • Learn more about brain disorders

ExAblate Neuro Features

  • Targeted ablation of deep seated brain tissue through an intact skull
  • Intraoperative MR imaging for therapy planning
  • Real time feedback using MR thermal imaging to confirm procedure safety and outcome
  • Interactive tools to personalize treatment parameters

Using ExAblate for Neurosurgery Applications

The ExAblate device for treating neurosurgery applications consists of a unique “helmet” like apparatus consisting of thousands of individual ultrasound elements. Neurosurgery treatments using focused ultrasound technology present two unique challenges. First, the high ultrasound absorption in bone (as described in the section on bone metastases) results in an increase in bone temperature which may result in brain-tissue coagulation near the skull. As a result, chilled water is constantly circulated around the skull during the treatment. Secondly, the skull has a variable thickness and density which results in the ultrasound beam being defocused. CT images are used to reconstruct the skull, and this data is used to configure the ultrasound beams coming from the phased array transducer to be properly focused at the targeted lesion.

Potential Benefits of Using ExAblate  

  • Non-Invasive Transcranial treatment 
  • No ionizing radiation effects enables repeated treatments with no long term toxicity
  • Thermal ablation provides immediate bio-physical tissue response
  • Intraoperative image guidance allows for target localization with 1mm accuracy

Watch Eyal Zadicario talk about what is FUS neurosurgery and the development roadmap, as of Oct 2012


The neuro research programs and future potential applications include:

- Brain tumors - Neurological disorders
- Clot Lysis for stroke

- Targeted drug delivery

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ExAblate Neuro: Focused Ultrasound Transcranial Neurosurgery
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