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Written information
Latest Press Releases:  Israel Health Ministry approval - Oct 2013, First patient treated in FDA phase III trial - Sept 2013
FAQs about Essential Tremor,  Neuropathic pain and Parkinson's disease.
About the technology:  MR guided Focused Ultrasound

Other interesting links:
Information about  ongoing clinical trials for the treatment of movement disorders.
See a talk about MR guided focused ultrasound
Hear about InSightec's vision in  an interview with Dr. Kobi Vortman
Read the May 2013 article from "The Gray Sheet", published by Elsevier Business Inteligence
Watch recent Interviews and Presentations at Medical Conferences

Patient Stories
Canadian Tony Lightfoot can drink a cup of water without spilling for the first time after 10 years. See the CTV-News report.
BBC reports of Joe's treatment,stopping his Parkinson's tremors with no incision
Billy R. Williams of Fort Valley, Virginia, USA. - interview 1 year after treatment with ExAblate- Neuro for Essential Tremors
John Watterson talks about his experience with ExAblate Neuro treatment of Essential Tremor 
Dr. Daniel Jeanmonod tells about treating with ExAblate Neuro a patient that suffered from intercostal neuralgia, and another patient suffering from neuropathic pain


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ExAblate Neuro Press Kit
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