Palliation of Painful Bone Metastases

ExAblate: the Fast, Safe Alternative to Radiation Therapies *

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ExAblate is a new, radiation-free treatment that can provide prompt pain relief for individuals suffering from bone tumor pain. Using non-invasive focused ultrasound technology, ExAblate treats painful bone metastases by destroying the pain-causing nerves in the bone surface surrounding the tumor.

ExAblate treatments are precision-controlled and monitored by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. This unique combination of technologies is called Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy (MRgFUS).

Non-invasive and non-toxic, for those who cannot or choose not to undergo radiation treatments, ExAblate is the solution of choice for fast, long-lasting bone pain relief.


ExAblate Bone Treatments Are:

  • Non-Toxic – without  ionizing radiation
  • Fast-Acting - offering pain relief within days, after a single treatment
  • Practice-Expanding - can be combined with primary tumor radiotherapy without creating a local radiation overdose
  • Non-Invasive, - for fast recovery and return to normal life
  • An Outpatient Procedure – so patients spend less time in the hospital
  • Safe - can be repeated if necessary, with high safety profile
  • Quality of Life Enhancing – effective pain relief leads to significant or complete reduction in opioid analgesic use.
  • Personalized -   to patient anatomy, pathology and treatment response
  • Suitable for both osteoblastic and osteolytic tumors
  • Effective for osteoid osteomas
  • Easily tolerated – with  minimal side-effects



A Major Treatment Challenge - Bone is the third most common organ to which cancer metastasizes, after the lungs and liver, and pain from bone metastases is the most common cause of cancer pain, Palliation of symptoms is the primary goal of bone metastases therapy.

Increased longevity in general, coupled with better therapeutic management of cancer patients, has contributed to the high incidence of metastatic bone lesions. As more patients are living with bone metastases, improving their Quality of Life (QoL) becomes a major treatment challenge.

Current treatment options for pain control consist of local treatments {radiation, surgery and more recently laser ablation and radiofrequency percutaneous ablation} and systemic therapies (analgesics, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biphosphonates). Unfortunately, most medical therapies do not achieve long-lasting efficacy, frequently cause serious side effects or need chronic administration.

Click here to read a short background about pain inducing bone tumors

ExAblate is clinically proven to provide fast, effective relief of painful bone tumors without ionizing radiation, surgical intervention, or serious side effects.  


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If your physician is not familiar with ExAblate's new MR guided Focused Ultrasound System, you may wish to share this website or downloadable brochure with them. 

ExAblate has received CE and FDA approval for the treatment of bone metastases, and this non-invasive treatment is currently available to patients at treatment centers in Europe, Asia and Australia.

* Not all applications are approved in all regions. Please consult your local representatives and read the product labeling specific for your region to determine approved indications for use.


Osteoid Osteoma Case Study
Osteoblastic Bone Metastasis Case Study
Osteolytic Bone Metastasis Case Study

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